WordPress not showing subcategories in URL (permalinks)

It’s been a while since I’ve been using WordPress. It’s still my favourite blogging platforms, so I didn’t hesitate and chosen WP for my new blog that you are reading right now. I also really recommend it to anyone who want to create their own blog or website. It’s great!

Now on to the issue I run into today. My blog posts weren’t showing the subcategory in the url, even though I have set up permalinks properly:


I searched the internet and found an easy solution. Simply untick the main category and keep only subcategory ticked when Publishing/Updating the post.

Here’s what the original support thread on wordpress says:

I did solve the issue, but I still have no idea about the root cause. I had selected both a parent category (colleges) + one of its subcategories (Alaska).

To get both of these in the URL, I had to deselect the parent category (selecting only the subcategory) and publish. This changed the URL successfully.

Then I could re-check the parent category, update, and it still showed the full permalink URL with colleges/alaska/postname.

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