Useful Anaconda terminal commands

Create Anaconda environment: conda create –name MyEnv Activate virtual environment on Windows: activate MyEnv Install package conda install package-name Activate virtual environment on LINUX, macOS: source activate MyEnv Clone base Anaconda environment: conda create –name MyEnv –clone base Deactivate current environment: conda deactivate List all packages and versions installed in active environment: conda list Get … Read more

Useful and important commands for mySQL & MariaDB

Create database: CREATE DATABASE database1; Create user CREATE USER user IDENTIFIED BY ‘secure_password’; Grant all privileges on specific database: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database1.* TO user; Show all users: SELECT User FROM mysql.user; Show all databases: SHOW DATABASES; Delete user: DROP User ‘user’@’localhost’; Remove database: DROP DATABASE YourDatabase; Reload the GRANT tables to enable the … Read more